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Monetize your mobile traffic with our 1000+ iOS & Android CPI campaigns at rates directly from Brands.

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Expand yourself with our high performing mobile Ad solutions

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Professional tools to Analyze, Optimize & Monetize

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NextPut is Putting Publishers First. All greatest things we wanted at One Place.

Solid Net15 Payments

Affiliates and Adnetworks keep 50-60 % of the payouts. We keep just 20% flat. We pay you in Net15. We will pay you interest if we dont.

All CPI Campaigns at one place

Largest Collection of Mobile Campaigns from every Geography. You will never feel, “I should also check [email protected]#$mobi”

Best Rates

With every offer comes a best rate challenge. If you find a rate better than ours, we will give not only match that rate but also give you 10% more. Its a Publisher First promise.

Programmatic Selling

We sell your traffic programmatically. If the advertiser’s KPI’s are not getting fullfilled, we will match you with right advertiser. It will always get you the best cost for your traffic in an insured way.

People at the back end

We take help of machines but we have people at backends who will solve all your issues at priority. With offices at Singapore, Delhi and Bay Area, we can reach out to you personally, through phones with IM’s and emails of-course.

Free Tools

You may be using one tool for notification, another for mBAAS, another for full analytics and then one for app install tracking, one for customer engagement solutions and another for chat. How about all in one. Free.

Integrated with all 3rd Party App Integration Tools like MAT, Appflyers, Ad-X? We’re Just Getting Started

Your own user friendly Dashboard

NextPut’s direct programmatic connect with Network and Partners makes the offers transparent, scrub-free and cleaned

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